Feminist wedding – London Elopement with 70’s vibes


Feminist wedding photography – London elopement with bride in an orange jumpsuit and groom in green suit for 70’s vibes

Islington Town Hall

Nina + Ben


When Nina contacted me about their London elopement that was to happen on a MONDAY at 10am (rock’n’roll much?), plus she wrote that theyhave decided to tie the knot in the least traditional way we can (definitely not wearing white, might go bowling afterwards?)’, I was all ears!


So if you are a feminist and would like to get inspired for a non-traditional wedding or abandon organising big wedding and elope instead, read on. You will get inspired how to rock a jumpsuit for your wedding day, forget about boring greys and get a green suit and rock your wedding photos.

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Nina and Ben’s love story


‘We met 8 years ago during a gap year in Kenya! Being from Canada, (and Ben from Croydon!), this turned into a long distance relationship all throughout university. It was very hard at first, especially after we had just spend a whole of 6 months together (camping in the Savannah!), and not to mention the crazy hormones of an 18 year old (how embarrassing is an emo phase?). Safe to say we were both madly in love! Flying back and forth every holiday, we even turned some of our visits into bigger trips around Europe, the US and South East Asia, and eventually ‘long distance’ didn’t seem so impossible (as many people  tried to convince us…)
When I finished my postgraduate degree, we saved up enough to get me a visa to come live in London! 6 years into the relationship we were finally together!’


Planning a feminist wedding but ended up eloping instead

‘Never really being the people who wanted a big customary standard marriage, we felt that we would tie the knot, but try to make it as small and non traditional as possible! To each their own, (and don’t get me wrong I love weddings!), but some of the traditional aspects of the event just seem a bit out of character for us. I always say that if this wedding was not rushed (legal aspects of my stay in the country), I would have been the one to propose (just to make a point!)!

My family could not fly over so to make it fair we did not invite Ben’s family either, just a few friends to witness our marriage. It worked out really well as we knew we would have a big guest list otherwise, and we really did not know want a big wedding.

70’s inspired non traditional outfits

‘We were so lucky with our outfits – we found everything we wanted, including shoes, on ASOS! Ben, chose a green suit, and I opted for an orange jumpsuit!  I recently bought a faux fur coat and chucked  that on later for a bit more of 70’s glamour… I made my own little bouquet and Ben’s boutonniere.’


The elopement

We met with Nina and Ben early morning at the Islington Town Hall (did I mention it is one of the best town halls in London?). After greeting their friends we moved to Room 99 for the ceremony. The couple exchanged the vows but did not opt for wedding rings!

Just after first kiss Nina and Ben did their version of high fives.

We moved on to photos at gorgeous corridors of Islington Town hall, sprinkled the couple with confetti and then went for a walk around Islington to take some more photos. Nina and Ben then joined their friends for lunch and finished the day bowling and Karaoke-ing at Rowans Bowl!


Feminist wedding photography

It is not a common phrase you may hear. So what is Feminist Wedding Photography? I think Nina nailed it when she sent me this request:

‘In terms of the photos, we just would love it if it wasn’t toooo ‘Wedding Pose-y’… With the lady looking so vulnerable and submissive, clinging onto the man’s shoulder (why would anyone be in that pose in real life?!). We are up for more ‘role reversal’ photos too’


We are so used to the same poses in wedding photography over and over again – this was a great point. Why strong, independent women were usually portrayed as weak and vulnerable on their wedding day? It got me thinking for sure.

More and more couples opt for for feminist weddings, ditching some traditions, and bringing up new ones (bride’s speech, getting ready together, no cake cutting etc) and I love being part of modern weddings that focus on celebrating love in any way they want to make their wedding day that special one.



If you are looking for a feminist wedding photographer feel free to browse my galleries to see how I work and send me a message for a friendly chat about your plans.

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