Why you should book me as your wedding photographer

Creative Wedding Photography for Madly In Love Couples

My approach to photographing weddings could be described as modern and alternative to traditional wedding photography.

I am predominantly a documentary wedding photographer capturing the day events as they unfold in front of my eyes. I work with my couples to create artistic but natural looking portraits; photographs that are unique and different as you are. No artificial posing, no asking to say ‘cheese’ or smile at every photo. In fact, you will see that my portraits are somewhat fashion and street photography inspired. Do not worry – no experience necessary! Being together is enough.
My collections are detail heavy – I capture the little things you may not notice on a day and the effort you have put in planning and decorating your dream wedding.

Wedding party photo on steps of a collonade

Unusual Vogue esque wedding party on steps of Queens House colonnade

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Weddings are intimate affairs – finding a photographer you can trust and get along all day is important. It helps me, as a photographer, too. By the time we get to spend the day together we will get to know each other well through a pre-wedding consultation/video chat, engagement photo session and emails. There is not anything better to make your wedding a relaxed and enjoyable experience than an engagement shoot (or pre-wedding/couple/test shoot whatever you want to call it!) and I recommend it to all my couples. You will get to know me and get used to being in front of the camera, plus you will get a set of cool pics to take home. See some couple shoots here.

No interference, no artificial posing, no lining families up for hours, no cheese (unless with crackers!)

For me, being an alternative wedding photographer is all about building a connection with the couple and photographing their day as it is and how I would like my own wedding photos to be.

Never been great or had time to put my work forward for competitions but in 2019 I received a nomination to the world’s most prestigious and exclusive wedding photography awards 30Rf Rising Stars of Wedding Photography 2019 by NY based Rangefinder Magazine. The competition was incredible and I am simply proud to be among this amazing talent. Although my selection of photos did not make through to the top 30 in the world that is ok as I had never anticipated to be among 300 best wedding photographers in the entire world that were honoured that nomination.


My work has been featured on all major UK and International Photography blogs including:

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I am grateful to photograph people in love for a living. I care how comfortable my couples will feel around me, how much they can trust me and what magic we will create together. By the time you get married we will have met, drunk a cup of coffee, created some beautiful pre-wedding photos and laughed a few times. I can promise that we will be at ease with each other. I will keep a cool head when everything is running a little too fast on the day, have a tissue at hand, help with the dress and fix the make up after that first kiss if needed. I always feel so privileged to be a part of a wedding day and I do my best, and more, to create a unique set of photographs that you will love forever. I will not be gathering your family and guests for hours (don’t worry we will have some formal group photography if you want), but I am at your wedding to capture the atmosphere, document the day as it unfolds, discreetly photograph your Dad shedding a tear, the groom rehearsing his speech and children dancing like it is their party.

I am here to tell the story of the best day of your lives. Let’s chat about your story.