Hello, thanks for popping by!

I am Jo and I am a London wedding photographer and a creative force behind Joasis Photography.

My style revolves around creating artful photographs that are natural, ethereal, and timeless, often described as an alternative, modern, documentary wedding photography. I want to capture fleeting memories and cinematic portraits; influenced by light and emotions and that intimate connection between the two people. All while making sure this experience is super relaxed and fun for you too. I am super down to earth and an extroverted introvert (yep, there is such thing). I totally get the 'I hate my photos taken' and 'I am awkward in front of a camera'. I really do!

In fact I seem to have two distinctive sides of me: outgoing and sociable with sarcastic sense of humour, and quiet, moodier, super shy soul who prefers to hide at home and drink oversized mugs of coffee while having warm slippers on!

I am lucky enough to frequently work together with my other half, Raf, documenting weddings in London, rest of UK and Europe. We live with our daughter in South East London.

(Bad-ass profile photo by my friend Veronika Ward

Things that make me tick

The love of my life, Raf, and our amazing daughter, Olivia

Cuddles and hugs or 'huggles' as Olivia calls them!


Sparkly stuff

Black and white photography

Mid century design


Music (big fan of Ninja Tunes label and 1970 rock bands)

Byte.fm (music!)

Dystopian fiction books

Edgy dramas (currently digging DARK after Black Mirror obsession)



Mondaine watches

The Office (the British version), Monty Python shorts

Cool pic by Tim Dunk

''I'm really delighted with the pics. Thank you. You have a beautiful eye that you can take somewhere gritty and dirty like Peckham and see through oureyes and paint the day with magic and love and whimsy. Jo let us move and act and stand how we like. She made small suggestions but generally asked us to act naturally which in turn allowed us to be ourselves which comes through in our pics.''


For me, being an alternative wedding photographer is all about building a connection with the couple and photographing their day as it is. No interference, no artificial posing, no lining families up for hours.

 I am grateful to photograph people in love for a living. I care how comfortable my couples will feel around me, how much they can trust me and what magic we will create together. By the time you get married we will have met, drunk a cup of coffee, created some beautiful engagement photos and laughed a few times. I can promise that we will be at ease with each other. I will keep a cool head when everything is running a little too fast on the day, have a tissue at hand, help with the dress and fix the make up if needed. I always feel so privileged to be a part of a wedding day and I do my best, and more, to create a unique set of photographs that you will love forever. I see and capture the little details many may not notice at all - grandma's vintage brooch, the unfinished coffee in your favourite mug, and all the little details you have planned - the immaculate calligraphy on your place-cards, flowers you spent hours picking, handmade favours packed carefully by you and your mum. I will not be gathering your family and guests for hours, (don't worry we will have some formal group photography), but I am at your wedding to capture the atmosphere, document how the day unfolds, discreetly photograph your Dad shedding a tear, the groom rehearsing his speech and children dancing like it is their party.

I am here to tell a story of the best day of your lives.

''As a film producer I have very high standards when it comes to someone's eye, creative sensibilities and their natural ability to react and build in real-timescenarios. Jo has a flair for composition, colour use and balance in the frame that is absolutely second to none. Full of ideas, flexible yet clearly thespecialist she exudes professionalism and the results speak for themselves. It was a special day, she made it even more so and more than that - became afriend in the process. Magic.'' 


We know how you feel being on the other side of the camera! Raf and I celebrated our 7th anniversary with a photoshoot with our friend Gary aka Marshal Gray Photography. Apart from stunning portraits we have gained invaluable experience of being in our clients' shoes! 

And a few random facts about me:

I studied Politics and then completed an MA in Market Research (clearly I was not good at making decisions when I opted for that instead of Photography)

I am a cat person (no worries, I will pet your dog too!)

I do not wear high heels (unless I really have to) and I love old skool trainers

My hair has sported every shade of red and I do not think I have had the same haircut twice

I had briefly lived in France and Holland before making London my home in 2002

My adventure with photography started with a film camera that I carried everywhere around London

My favourite lens is 35mm SIGMA ART f1.4

I am a pescetarian and so is my family

I keep letters, cards from friends and clients, and little things from my travels 

I am a qualified but non-practising reflexology therapist

And to wrap up.

Weddings are truly amazing experiences for me. The energy, love, laughter and unforgettable memories fill my heart and motivate me to create work with an intention to exceed my couples' expectations. 

After browsing through my portfolio, pop in to my personal photo blog, visit my Instagram and Facebook to see latest work, and get in touch - I would be very happy to have a friendly, no obligation chat, ideally over coffee or a glass of wine.

Hope to meet you soon.


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