the investment


Well, if you’ve got this far, I’m going to assume you’ve had a little browse through my portfolio and liked what you’ve seen. Hurray! But on top of that, hiring me comes with a few extra perks. 


what you get

I have years of experience behind me, so I know exactly what’s needed on a wedding day: a cool head and a great eye for detail. Having me around is like having an extra pair on hands on deck. I keep things calm and know where to be and when. In fact, I often get mistaken for a guest with a camera! That’s a great sign.



Booking the right photographer is pretty crucial because, unlike your florist or your hair & make-up artist, your photographer will be mingling with your guests. If you’ve got someone who’s grumpy, who likes the sound of their own voice or, worse, someone who’s got their own precise vision for your day, you can end up feeling a little frustrated with them. A good photographer moves seamlessly among your guests, being friendly yet unobtrusive. I can promise you that I have both of those qualities in spades! Plus, I just love weddings. They’re my happy place (which is handy). 

I’ve got a background in project management, so have all the kit to run the photography at your wedding like a well-oiled machine. Client management software, back up systems, digital reminders, I’ve got all the tricks up my sleeve. I also give you full access to your own client portal which will help us stay organised, plus I hand-finish every image and display them using the sleekest online gallery on the market. If you’re interested in an album, I can make the most beautiful fine art bound albums you’ve ever seen! 


When I’m behind my camera, I’m on the lookout for raw moments, peals of laughter, happy tears and original dance moves. As well as your portraits, you’ll have a varied and vivid collection of docu-style shots of your guests and the riotously good time they’re having on your wedding day. When you flip through your gallery, you should be transported back to this very special day - they should make you grin every time you look at them. An album bursting with joy, so to speak. 



What you get 

A personalised experience, including a meeting or a video consultation

One or two awesome and experienced photographers 

A sleek, beautiful online gallery with 500-700+ hand-edited photographs to share with family and friends, download or buy extra prints

Unlimited personal licence to print, download and copy images with no watermarks

High resolution and web ready photos for instant online sharing

Slideshow with the best moments of the day

Travel and accommodation (within England)

it's all about you

If you're having a small, intimate wedding and don't need two photographers, no problem. Or if you're having a 3-day party (nice!), I'm happy to arrange extended coverage. 

No two weddings are the same, so let's chat to get a bespoke quote for your celebration.

My average collection spend is £2300-£2550 and intimate London wedding collections start from only £1800.



I travel anywhere in the world for fun-filled, adventurous destination weddings.


Jo is AMAZING! From the minute she met Greg and I she totally understood the look we were going for. She was friendly and informal and she blended in seamlessly. Greg wasn't too keen on having lots of staged pictures so we did a short 30 minute walk to capture some of us on our own and then the rest was of the day itself. She put Greg totally at ease, as well as the rest of our guests. We have ended up with some of what I like to term the 'classic Jo' shots - pictures that we can have on our wall, not obvious that they are of Greg and I, but beautiful images that will stand the test of time. Thank you Jo x





Hey, you’ve come this far, so you may as well drop me a line. If you’ve got a date in mind, do get in touch swiftly. I only book in around 25 weddings a year and the popular dates (May - October) go FAST. So the sooner we get you booked in, the better! 

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