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Discovering your passion is like unlocking a boundless wellspring of energy and potential. It’s the driving force behind everything I do. In my years of dedicated work within this remarkable industry, I've experienced firsthand the transformative power of pursuing what truly ignites the soul. And now, my aim is to guide you on that same journey. Whether it’s through comprehensive tools, invaluable resources, or mentoring, I'm here to offer unwavering support. Thank you for joining me on this exciting path—I’m here to cheer you on every step of the way!


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The most luxurious, superior quality albums, photo books, prints and display products. I have used QT since 2014 and I adore the quality of the products that match my work and client experience. 
They help you start offering albums to clients by sponsoring an album designer to get you going.
Pic-Time offers QT ALBUMS too so make sure to set up your store with these wonderful products.

One stop shop for your client management - helps you easily keep track of all your shoots, leads, invoices and emails. I’ll save you time and stress. Use standard email and workflow templates or create/customise to make them your own. Automate your invoices, emails or online bookings. I cannot live without it!
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Get a gorgeous website template, customise in a few steps, and voilà!
My website is built on Showit but I got a custom-made template which is one and only :)
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The best online gallery system for an elevated client experience. Showcase your photos, host on the cloud, automate promotions, sales and multitude of tools to enable your clients to print and enjoy their photos. Create slideshows and blog posts in a flash, integrate with Lightroom and Studio Ninja!
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Take control of your business finances, simplify book keeping, forecast your tax bill, and prepare tax reports plus loads more. Get £50 Amazon voucher upon signing up!


The following is a comprehensive list of my favourite software, apps, and services that help me save time and money. Bonus: Many of the resources below include discount codes and promotional offers, and to be transparent, some may reward me with tiny incentives like a free month of subscription though I only share platform and products I truly love and use!

my toolkit


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Are you looking to elevate your client experience? 
Get ready for a treasure trove of digital goodies! Dive into wedding day questionnaires, snazzy workflow and email templates, and nifty guides—all crafted to make your couples' journey seamless. Stay effortlessly on track with automated workflows, ensuring your process is as smooth as can be!



Power hour and mentoring coming soon

Embarking on a journey in wedding photography, embracing storytelling, and following your creative passion can be a thrilling yet intricate path. That's where my personalized 1-2-1 mentoring steps in. Tailored specifically to your aspirations and skill level, this mentoring isn’t just for beginners seeking foundational guidance in camera techniques, pricing structures and backup protocols; it's a platform welcoming seasoned photographers aiming to deepen their understanding of editing, defining their unique style, or attracting the perfect clientele. Together, we delve into the art of storytelling, break the mold of traditions, and explore the intricate client journey and streamlined workflows. No matter where you stand in your photography voyage, my mentoring is designed to cater to your unique needs and elevate your journey to new heights. Most importantly, it is a space to ask any questions and learn in an informal, relaxed and non judgemental way.



Do you want to contribute to saving rainforests, plant trees in the UK, reduce your carbon footprint? Join ECOLOGI. I plant trees with every booking and you can do too. The program is open to both individuals and businesses and there are no membership fees. Simply sign up using this link and start making impact!
By using this link, Ecologi will plant 5 trees in my forest.