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london engagement sessions

Well, there’s no obligation to, but they can be really, really fun. There’s also a great opportunity to get to know me a bit before the wedding (and for me to get to know you, of course). On the big day, you’ll feel totally at ease and relaxed because you’ve done it all before.  You will get a gorgeous collection of photos to celebrate your relationship, use on your wedding website or invitations or simply fill your home with prints and wall art.



or just to celebrate your love

Spending some time in front of the camera and chatting with me prior to the big day make my couples more relaxed and trustful on their wedding day. Besides, they get a set of cool photos showing a bit of their relationship before getting married.
Win - Win.
As I love photographing couples, you do not need to be engaged to create super fun and non cheesy photos together. You could be coming to London just for a few days or you are already married and would like to celebrate your love, or an anniversary, with a set of cool photos. Great! I simply love photographing people in love. Use my contact form to find out more and reserve your session. From £350.



Hey, you’ve come this far, may as well drop me a line. If you’ve got a date in mind, do get in touch swiftly. I only book in around 25 weddings a year and the popular dates (May - October) go FAST. So the sooner we get you booked in, the better! 

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