Best of wedding photography 2020 round up

bride and groom looking at each other and smiling against white and blue wall

Best of 2020 wedding photography – my round up of favourites

So this is it. The end of the most bizarre, challenging and really testing us all year in modern history. As most of us, I have had quite a hard time adjusting to the new reality of living in the times of pandemic, especially as my work and my business has been affected. I still consider myself very fortunate to have photographed quite a number of weddings and can share with you this round up of my best 2020 wedding photographs.

It is true that quite considerable chunk of my wedding work postponed to next year and many big weddings turned into small ones. But I worked when it was allowed, and I am grateful to all those couples that persisted with their plans despite many obstacles, and to those who hired me last minute for their micro weddings in London. In some cases these couples changed their plans three to seven times! If this is not a commitment to love I do not know what is!

So, was there a point of doing a round of my best 2020 wedding photography?

Hell yeah!

All these weddings, pre-lockdown, post-lockdown and some last minute micro weddings in between the change of tiers are absolutely special to me. Every one was different, but always emotional, full of happy moments and displays of love. These couples braved not only the restrictions, but often the weather too.

Thank you. Big hugs to all wedding suppliers that have suffered so much this year, to all couples whose plans were messed up, to all of us locked up at homes and not being able to hug the closest for months now. The light is at the end of the tunnel already. Let’s look forward to better and easier 2021!

These are my favourite 2020 wedding photos (in a random order).

two grooms with masks posing at st pancras station

back of the bride with open back dress and a veil

birds view of wedding ceremony with bride and groom holding hands in queens house

bride walking away with her veil caught and groom entering the photo

interracial wedding couple having a hug and smiling

bride getting ready

wedding party in queens house

two brides in front of hammersmith bridge

wedding bouquet

creative photo of bride and groom and empty wall

two grooms under a lamp in st pancras

bride and groom with umbrellas entering town hall

bride sitting on a bed

groom hugging bride in a spot of light

temple church wedding ceremony

bride walking down the stairs

bride and groom in town hall hotel restuaruant

bride and groom kissing on stairs

bridesmaid reading a letter reflection in a mirror


bride and groom exiting in confetti

bride and groom

bride and groom in naval college colonnade

bride and groom and their reflection

wedding flowers

bride getting ready

wedding party portait

bride and groom portrait


bride and groom walking into confetti tunnel

nightime photo of bride and groom with christmas tree neon sign

bride and groom walking in the rain with umbrellas

bride and groom with reflection

bride in colourful wedding dress and sunglasses

two grooms confetti exit

two brides in masks posing for a riverside portrait

bride and groom kissing under a veil


This list is not definite. I just love how these images make me feel and what memories they hold. Thanks for a contribution and help to my team: Aga, Veronika and Raf who worked with me this year.

If you would like to see full wedding stories, jump to the blog here or galleries here.

And if you are planning to get married yourself, why do not you send me a message to check if I am available on your wedding date and to talk more about your ideas. Pop over to my Instagram to see snippets of recent work too.

I hope you have had many wonderful memories this year. Let’s hope for a much better 2021!



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