Best wedding photography of 2022

2022 – WHAT A YEAR!

I am so excited to share SOME of my best wedding photography moments with you.

There is not enough space to fill it with 1000s of candid moments of laughter, happy tears, cocktails drunk and party moves. So I chose some of the best wedding portraits I took.

I had the pleasure of working with the most amazing, kind and super lovely couples, as well as amazing teams at many wedding venues like Beckenham Place, Asylum Chapel, 100 Barrington, Trafalgar Tavern, Baddow Park House, Islington Town Hall, Woolwich Town Hall or the Old Marylebone Town Hall to name a few of my fave wedding photography locations.

That year I also added film photography to my collections and I am excited to be having film photography as an add on to the digital coverage. I am in love with the imperfect, nostalgic output of film that simply cannot be replicated with digital ‘built for perfection’ cameras.

Read more below, but for now, here is my selection of some of my best wedding photography moments of 2022.


bride and groom kissing in a sunser light by best wedding photography
best wedding photography with bride and groom looking down with a sunset flare behind them
best wedding photography confetti exit at islington town hall stairs with bride in white short dress and groom in olive suit with long curly hair
best wedding photography idea with champagne tower and bride and groom pouring over it
best wedding photography examples using film photography with flare and light leaks/ Bride with a bouquet, shoes, and bride and groom with a flare of light
best wedding photography group photo idea with bridal party on the stairs of eastwellmanor arranged in annie leibovitz vogue style
best wedding photography confetti overload idea for wedding couples
bride and groom kissing at dusk at queen's house balcony
black and white photos of bride in short dress and groom with long curly hair in the hall of islington town hall
ceremony top view at brunel tunnel shaft with festoon light
bride and groom outside 100 barrington road rainbow in black and white
bride and groom kissing in the colonnade of naval college in greenwich by admirals house wedding photographer
bride and groom kissing at sparkler exit at beckenham place mansion
black and white photo of bride and groom walking down spiral staircase at queens house
groom held by groomsmen and a wheelchair user in a funny pose outside andaz london hotel
confetti exit with bride and groom wearing flower crowns at 100 Barrington road wedding venue

Wish I could post more, but there is a limit of media on the blog. Hope you enjoyed these!

Now, besides taking pretty pictures and witnessing an abundance of love, for most of us, wedding photographers and other wedding suppliers, 2022 has been a hell of a year. With a number of additional weddings moved from 2020 and 2021, the year was intensive to say the least, and with very little to no time off. We worked around the clock to capture all the amazing weddings, edit huge collections of photos, create slideshows and of course do all the business admin stuff that was essential. Things like sharing photos, blogging, marketing and hustling for new business had to pause. Most of my holiday plans did not materialise – there was just no free time, but I was delighted to be able to fly to see my family for a short break after the lockdowns, and I took my daughter to Greece for a mini break to celebrate her 10th birthday. It is hard to believe my little baby is a tween already!

No time off, no time to rest or recharge, little sleep, lots of stress, working through illnesses – that was the dark side of 2022. For someone like me, a massive perfectionist, the wave of ill health was not something I could simply fit in the jam packed diary. Self-care was always such an alien concept for me – I had to do my work 110% first, then the family and all commitments there, then onto friends, and when I had no time to sleep more than 6h I still pushed through not to want to disappoint anyone, keep to the deadlines (I set myself!) and to overdeliver as I always did. No wonder I ignored all small, then bigger and even huge warnings my body kept showing me. So a change must happen.

Firstly, I am back to my ideal number of weddings with a maximum of 20-25, including smaller bookings, a year. This way I can schedule regular days off, time with my family and set editing hours to create the best wedding photography experience for my couples and work – life balance for myself. Hopefully I will come back to some regularity in sharing work and spending a bit of time on social media too.

A friend of mine helped me to mind map a self care plan that now proudly features next to me to-do list. I am clearly that sort of person who needs to be ‘prescribed’ time off, relaxation and even socialising!

I feel so much better now and refreshed after a nice longer break over Christmas. My heart is filled with gratitude to all my couples who trusted me to tell their wedding stories, persevered through many changes due to lockdowns and supported me with glowing reviews, sharing of my work and purchasing of gorgeous print products. I love my job and put all my soul into it, and I am so excited about this year’s weddings, more film photography, slower pace, slower life, more personal projects.

I have a space for 5 more weddings this year, so if you are still looking for the best wedding photographer (arbitrary, I know!), someone who gets you, will be a calm and unobtrusive addition to your wedding day, and will produce wedding photography that blows your mind, then send me a message.


”We have no words to express how MAGNIFICENT THESE ARE!  I just honestly can’t get over how good they are – we had the best day ever, and it has completely translated to the pics – the massive smiles, the cuddles from our loved ones – the PARTY PHOTOS ARE SO EPIC!! You’ve managed to make us look both like ourselves but magically the most glamorous versions of ourselves ever – you are truly a magician!”
Zoe + Paul

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