At Home Unposed Couple session with a dog – ideas for a relaxed engagement shoot


At home unposed, alternative couple session with a dog – inspiration for a relaxed engagement photo session.

Anita + Adrian


Most people cringe on the thought of having their photos taken and experiencing an 1-2h long photo session. Beside a few models I worked with before most people, including myself, feel somewhat apprehensive about being in front of the camera.

It is a bit intimidating and without a previous practice it is hard to envisage what is it going to be, how would one feel and ‘I have no idea how to pose for a camera’ comes to mind. It is all NORMAL.

The way I run my pre wedding/ engagement/couple sessions is super relaxed! I take on my experience of being in front of a camera when we had our anniversary session and put myself in my clients’ shoes.

I have done that so I know how awkward you may feel and that you have no idea what to do with hands, where to look, what to do.

Good news is that you do not have to do anything special! My aim is to guide my couples to be themselves while interacting with each other, feel relaxed, while I gently guide to poses. For most of the time it is me telling you where to stand because I care about photo composition. leading lines, and of course LIGHT! I may ask you to hold hands, cuddle, kiss or simply look into a distance. Nothing cringey and no asking to say ‘cheese’ – EVER!

In home couple or engagement sessions are great alternative to outdoor sessions and allow for more intimate setting. One that you know well and feel good there. Engagement sessions at home are also perfect choice for bad weather days or when you have a pet and want your ‘baby’ in photos too.

There are so many ideas for a relaxed in-home sessions – cuddles on the bed, listening to favourite music and dancing, candle lit fire watching hugs on a sofa, cooking together or even a simple being together.

Today I wanted to show you how a relaxed couple photo session may look like – no props, no preparations, just two people in love, and a dog! The cutest Pomeranian dog ever – I wanted to take him home!


If you enjoyed this set of in-home engagement photos and would like a relaxed couple session for yourself, check the rest of my galleries here and get in touch for a friendly chat!

I am open to your suggestions on where you would like your photos taken.

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